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Building a sustainable future is at the heart of Experience Fruit Quality. We offer innovative solutions that minimize environmental impact while driving business success. Through responsible practices, collaboration, and transparency, we inspire positive change. Join us in creating a greener world.


Of the harvested avocados will be WASTE


Is caused by touch in the supermarket


Is the result of quality checks in supply chain.

How our data QC software EYE on Fruit
supports your sustainability goals?

Brings attention to waste in current processes

Ensures the right pallet reaches the right customer at the right time

With improved quality, less fruit gets thrown away

Supplier selection based quality performance

Shorten or skip ripening and grading which saves energy

How AVOS mini
supports your sustainability goals?‚Äč

Reduce cutting of avocados during quality checks by 80%

Reduce cutting of avocados during ripening by 90% following our ripening recipes 

Reduce cutting of avocados by 80 % before or after grading

Shorten the time or skip ripening and grading what saves energy

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