We encourage your
sustainable responsibility

Your company needs it, the world expects it.

We are driven by a need for progress. Progress by using the right technologies that empower people in their decisions, that assist them to make choices that have positive and durable impact on the planet.

One of the reasons for the existence of Experience Fruit Quality is that we want to improve the sustainability in the fruit sector. We recognized a lot of unnecessary waste in the supply chain of fruit, because of the the main goal to deliver the right quality. 

30% waste

Of the harvested avocados will be waste

20% waste

Is caused by touch in the supermarket

10% waste

Is the result of quality checks in supply chain.

The need of water and CO2 to deliver the avocado to the customer is tremendous. This means less destruction of the fruit during quality controls and better decision making can make a big difference, our AVOS- and MANGOS mini can solve this. Besides the devices who can test non-destructively, our data platform gives fruit companies valuable insights what will help to improve the quality of the fruit in the end, what results in the end-customers touching the fruit less. Also helping customers to make better operational and strategic decisions with the support of data helps to improve sustainable & waste goals. The customer is asking more and more for eco-friendly fruit, our data solutions and non-destructive testing devices are a way to meet those sustainable demands.

How our data & Ai platform
supports your sustainability goals?

Show waste during different processes in the company 

Make the right decision to send the right pallet to the right customer  

Improve quality of the fruit, this results in less waste 

Supplier selection based on waste 

Fully portable
Shorten the time or skip ripening or grading what saves energyof usage

How AVOS mini
supports your sustainability goals?​

Reduce cutting of avocados during quality checks by 80%

Reduce cutting of avocados during ripening by 90% following our ripening recipes 

Reduce cutting of avocados by 80 % before or after gradingunderstand

Shorten the time or skip ripening or grading what saves energy

We are here to disrupt conventions and allow (fruit) companies to achieve something that has not been possible before. With a clear view of the future we empower companies with actionable data & ai technologies to pave a path to make a positive impact on the environment. Our data & ai solutions are always build on truly experiences and demand human collaboration, so it get better and more accurate every time.

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