Eye on ripening of
avocados with
AVOS mini

Save time with non-destructive avocado inspections and
Ai assistance on quality and ripeness decisions

AVOS mini supports fruit inspectors or handlers in their day-to-day work activities with assessing ripeness and quality of avocados. This smart device is especially designed for this complex fruit. In 4 seconds it measures color, firmness, the weight and quality in one go. It can be easily used in every step of your company processes. Start knowing and improving avocado ripeness and quality from tree to retailer and improve your sustainable responsibility, improve your yield and reduce your waste. Using AVOS mini helps you optimize your processes and achieve your sustainability goals!

Make data based decisions fast and reliable

Save all measured data automatically in the cloud

Execute non-destructive tests in just 4 seconds

Fully portable Up to 32 hours of usage

Get auto-generated decisions from the integrated Ai

How does AVOS MINI work?

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After you place the avocado in the device within 4 seconds it will present you the ripeness and quality information you need. AVOS mini provides a great opportunity to check your grading results, as delivery within client specifications is critical for your success. All data including photos are saved in the cloud, for you to access any time. Using this data to make your quality control risk based to spend your time wisely.

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Fruit Quality Inspections for Albert Heijn en Bakker Barendrecht with AVOS Mini

Finally: No more unripe avocado thanks to this device
How do you determine the ripeness of avocados? Not by squeezing it, they know at Bakker Barendrecht in Ridderkerk. The vegetable wholesaler, which annually imports sixty million copies for Albert Heijn, has a new device that ‘sees’ in a few seconds whether the avocado can be eaten or whether it needs to ripen further.


AVOS mini gets every smarter day through collaboration

Every prediction done by AVOS mini will be assed and valued by the quality expert who gives an opinion about this. This feedback will be automatically be incorporated in the prediction model. Collaborating with AVOS mini will make it smarter every day.

Boost your sustainable responsibility

Due to non-destructive checks and better knowing what quality you have in hands, you can make different decisions leading to less waste in you. Company and maybe in in you whole value chain in the future. Ofcourse less waste, less returns also mean saving cost or making more money.

Follow fruit behaviour through your company and the supply chain

Follow the same mango to check the behaviour of the avocado during the proces in different parts of the supply chain for example quality control intake, grading, ripening, final check etc. Get insights in every step, every transport, action, field temperature influences, etc.. and get wiser where you can improve these influences on your fruit from the data.

Connect AVOS mini to our data platform

Operational en strategical.

Our data platform allows you to connect and understand all internal and external data in one place. You can easily connect the AVOS- or MANGOS mini with your own data sources on this platform for a complete overview and insights on which you can base your operational and strategic decisions. The platform has a build in Ai engine that makes unique combinations beyond human capabilities and processes them into understandable suggestions or decisions. Read more about the data platform here.

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