Make smart decisions with our QC operational software

Introducing our smart Fruit QC software EYE on Fruit. Designed for fruit companies, it collects quality data to improve compliance and operational performance. 


Capture QC actions

Collect, track, merge fruit quality data

Insights and Dashboarding

Instant view on data analysis

AI assitance



Know the quality and location of your fruit in an overview perspective

With advanced tracking software, EYE on Fruit offers detailed insight into the quality development of fruit at container, pallet and sales order level over time. This allows companies to make informed choices in the operation regarding the fruit, improve quality and maximize yield.

Optimize your operation with AI

Within the EYE on Fruit software, AI models can be integrated to support actions with signals and advice on operational topics.

Improve sourcing processes and optimize your yield

The software collects and consolidates operational data, enabling companies to define and analyze performance indicators. This enables managers to measure the efficiency of their operations, identify bottlenecks and implement targeted improvements

All information in one software

The EYE on FRUIT software connects to all the data collection points in the supply chain, this means that your colleague from ripening can see information on fruit quality from intake in an instant and in one software. What does this mean? It means that all the lost and duplicated excel documents you have been sharing are skipped, since you can view all the information at one place in a few clicks.

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