Make smart decisions with our integrated data platform

We have built a smart data platform especially for fruit companies that want to improve their grip on yield, through collaboration and knowledge sharing

Meet the first integrated data platform that unites all relevant data & information in one place. Understand the complete context through simplified dashboards, stage specific overview screens and auto-generated decisions. The Ai Assistance will do the processing for you, makes all possible data combinations and serves you with conclusions that support your day-to-day operational and strategic decisions.

Auto-generated management dashboards

Assist operational decissions

Instant acces to relevant sourcing information

Unlock cross-department collaboration

Track & trace fruit development

Have you already met our smart devices for quality inspections?

Automate your quality and ripeness checks using our smart devices. An optimal combination of expert knowledge and objective facts. Save both fruit and time using our non-destructive devices, enabling you to follow fruit throughout your supply chain!

Discover AVOS mini

In-platform smart software modules for those who make daily decisions using fruit ripeness and quality

Know where and when to buy and give valuable feedback to your suppliers.

Combine all relevant data to select suppliers and optimal buying seasons.. Look at the optimal yield, given quality and ripeness, in the context of the entire supply chain to find out where you can improve.

Inspect your fruit ripeness and quality Non-destructive and objective

Automate data capturing of important quality and ripeness input using our devices. Make sure to capture all relevant input from spot checks performed by your experts, so you always know the exact quality and ripeness of your fruit.

Improve ripening processes and optimize your yield

Follow fruit ripeness through the ripening process and get actionable insights on duration and ripening conditions to make sure every lot/pallet is recieving the best possible treatment.

Assure delivery of your product within client specifications

Match the right lot/pallet with the right client order to maximize yield. Decide on the need for grading and check the results of both automated or manual grading using all available information. Document waste reasons to learn and improve.

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