Make smart decisions with our QC operational software

Introducing our smart Fruit QC software EYE on Fruit. Designed for fruit companies, it collects quality data to improve compliance and operational performance. Our promise: Better time management, clear planning, increased yield, become less dependent on employees & less waste. Combine fruit quality data with operational steps for remarkable results.


Meet the first integrated QC operational software that unites all relevant data & information of fruit quality and the operation proces of a fruit company in one place. Understand the complete context through simplified dashboards, stage specific overview screens and auto-generated decisions. The AI models will do the processing for you, makes all possible data combinations and serves you with conclusions that support your day-to-day operational and strategic decisions.

Capture QC actions & observations of employees and share with each other

Collect, track, merge & organize fruit quality & ripeness data

Overview & insight about fruit development in a user-friendly way.

Instant acces to relevant data analyses

AI assistance to make choices about fruit processing

Have you already met our smart device for firmness development of fruits?

Automate your quality and ripeness checks using our smart devices. An optimal combination of expert knowledge and objective facts. Save both fruit and time using our non-destructive devices, enabling you to follow fruit throughout your supply chain!

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In EYE on Fruit software, data is presented in three different  ways.


Know the quality and location of your fruit in an overview perspective

With advanced tracking software, EYE on Fruit offers detailed insight into the quality development of fruit at container, pallet and sales order level over time. This allows companies to make informed choices in the operation regarding the fruit, improve quality and maximize yield.

Become more efficient & objective

Within the EYE on Fruit software, AI models can be integrated to support actions with signals and advice on operational topics.

Improve ripening processes and optimize your yield

The software collects and consolidates operational data, enabling companies to define and analyze performance indicators. This enables managers to measure the efficiency of their operations, identify bottlenecks and implement targeted improvements

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