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The exporter side has some hard challenges to deliver the right quality pallets avocados to the importer. Because of the complexity of the avocado, the transport challenges & the different atmospheres there is a lot to think about.

A homogean product with the right ripeness is the goal.

The quantity of importeurs and the different product requirements makes it challenging for exporters to meet this. Because of those challenges, exporters are dealing with pushback in the supply chain what will result in claims from the importer side. In general, there are many things to discover about how you make sure you deliver the right avocado to your customer. The online data platform and our device AVOS mini with different measurements in combination with our experience in the field of avocoda & mango businesses, will help exporters with those challenges. Our solution collects and stores this valuable data and with valuable insights we want to improve the operational and strategic decision making in a sustainable way. So if you want to improve your avocado/mango business our data solutions can help you out.

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With our data platform and data insights by combining data, better operational & strategic decisions are made based on quality, ripening, supplier selections, customer selection, time management & waste management, sales prediction etc.

Test more non-destructive to make sure you deliver the right quality

Reduce waste during quality check, ripening & grading.

Final checks are done objectively by the AVOS mini and are easy to send to the customer, this helps with claim reduction.

Checks are always stored and can be checked again and are easy to send to the customer.

We can do research on internal and external quality of the avocado and train the machine so he can recognize internal and external quality.

Create ripening recipes by following the same avocado during a period with the AVOS mini.

Data & Ai is in our backbone

Experience Fruit Quality is a daughter company of Experience Data; a data company that builds data-driven organisations and digital assistants. The philosophy? To build user friendly data solutions that empower professionals collect, understand and make smarter decisions in their day-to-day work.

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