Meet our data and AI powered Fruit enthusiasts

We love fruit and data and we are here to make sure you make the best possible decisions. every day.

Everyone talks about it; data. But how do you extract the value from the data that is already existing in your company? How can you oversee and understand the complex combinations of all individual data-sources? How can you put data to use data to reduce waste or improve quality? Don’t worry, you are not the only one that have these questions. These are just a few of many challenges we see fruit companies are struggling with.

And that’s where we come in with our data-driven technologies that empower your people and your company to work data-smarter. We create data solutions that enforce operational and strategically day-to-day decisions. Especially build for fruit companies like yours. Why? Because we love fruits and data and we don’t like to see them get wasted. And we know all about its complexity. We see that the industry is facing a lot of environmental and modernisation challenges and our mission is to help them do this through the use of smart data and Ai powered data solutions.


Sustainable Impact

Human Empowerment

Knowledge Accessibility

Foster Innovations

Data & AI is in our backbone

Experience Fruit Quality is a daughter company of Experience Data; a data company that builds data-driven organisations and digital assistants. The philosophy? To build user friendly data solutions that empower professionals collect, understand and make smarter decisions in their day-to-day work.

30+ and growing data specialist and consultants

Unique founding father of the digital
AI assistant

10+ active corporate and happy

Over 60 successful operationalised data & AI projects

In-house build data platform to build effective AI assistants

Meet our team of fruit enthusiasts that put all their energy in developing tech, data and Ai solutions to empower your and your professionals, to reduce waste and make you serious money.

The data will tell you what to do.

Marco de Jong


Thijs de Haas


Agis Christopoulos

Data Consultant

Martijn Wezel

Data Engineer

Rick Schot

New Business Developer

Àlex Pérez de la Fuente

Field Engineer

Sjors Peerdeman


Florian de Ridder

Full Stack Developer

Ioanna Papagianni

Business Consultant

Mik Marter

Business Developer

Fedai Kaya


Nick Burnett