It's time to take control of fruit development

Discover operational and fruit quality excellence

Fruit is developing every day. Supply and demand shift every day. You rely on your employees to handle this complexity. It’s hard to spend enough time to do everything right. You have a lot of data available, but lack insights. We understand your challenges and your fruit. Let us automate your processes to save time. Bring in data tools, so you have the possiblity to give valuable feedback to your operation & suppliers concerning fruit ripeness & quality development . And integrate your data, so you can focus on delivering the best quality fruit for your customers.

We deliver integrated facts on quality and ripeness, you decide…..

Where to buy the best quality fruit

When and how to start and stop ripening

How to best match client requirements given the actual quality and ripeness

What grading jobs are needed to assure quality
and ripeness

Future way of QC,
every day. We promise.


Integrated data

Smart EYE on Fruit QC software to support the performance of your fruit business

An online environment where all your data sources will come together to be understood as a whole in a complete context. The platform auto-processses this data and the build-in Ai auto-suggests decisions or next steps you should make. Having an overview of every fruit including quality and ripeness information, for everyone, any time.

Revolutionize Fruit Quality assesment with our Smart Non-Destructive Device

Automate your quality and ripeness checks using our smart device. An optimal combination of expert knowledge and objective facts. Save both fruit and time using our non-destructive device, enabling you to follow fruit throughout your supply chain!

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Fruit Quality Inspections for Albert Heijn en Bakker Barendrecht with AVOS Mini

Finally: No more unripe avocado thanks to this device
How do you determine the ripeness of avocados? Not by squeezing it, they know at Bakker Barendrecht in Ridderkerk. The vegetable wholesaler, which annually imports sixty million copies for Albert Heijn, has a new device that ‘sees’ in a few seconds whether the avocado can be eaten or whether it needs to ripen further.

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